Self imprisonment

Experience, create, live!
The thing that saddens me the most is how much people are afraid of themselves and of life

Where's your freedom when you try your best to encircle yourself with a wall you create and you believe you cannot break? Oh, it's the fear, again.... That's why one can't live in the present, so lives get fucked up for the past's sake or future projections.

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  1. No self and no freewill, no communication possible no such thing as time no good, bad, nor evil, no god, nor God, nor devil, nor Satan, nor name nor knowledge nor belief nor emotion(s) no wisdom nor life nor death nor improvement nor progress nor offense nor defense nor law nor order norrules nor sin nor sins nor understanding nor ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ nor control nor power nor master(s) nor slaevesflajllkfjflj flj j only one 'theing' withut self without control without freedom et cetera. without et cetera '''' ''''


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