Freedom is solitude

Solitary street

As individuals, we are micro-cosmoses living in a universe of possibilities. Unless we die, which is the only things we are ever compelled to accept as inevitable, we hold the freedom of choice, the free will. Whether it's influenced by external or internal stimuli, whether we find ourselves confused at times, whether we feel there's not enough data in order to take an informed decision, the ultimate act of deciding and acting upon it is ours - free-will is real.

Within us, we carry years of education/conditioning, upon which we've created patterns of functioning as individuals. Apart from this, we've accumulated our own experiences and filtered them through our consciousness in order to constantly adapt to our coping with the environment.

In short, a human being is a unique construct, but that's already been known for quite a while. We all live in separate universes, colliding into each other

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