Facebook love story (part 2) - Commitment

[…]W've decided we could take it to the next level. We celebrated this by having virtual sex. All of a sudden, we’ve become a committed couple. It was nice, but I couldn’t help myself wondering what was the difference between jerking off to a Hustler magazine and jerking off to a 17’ flat screen: this time feelings were
involved, while the Hustler magazine comes for a price, while for the Internet connection I paid an monthly sbscription.

Actually, virtual relationships come at a heavier price, this I’d found out later and none the happier. All went well for a few months. We used to spend two to six hours online talking, sharing pictures, playing games, even watching movies. We shared cooking recipes and advice regarding the best detergents. We had fun and we’d cheer up one another whenever we were upset. 
Eventually, we decided to meet in the flesh.[...]

Facebook love story (part 3)

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