Facebook love story (part 3)

Luckily, we didn't live far away from each other. We decided that she would come to see me. I don’t know about her, but I made all the preparations as if I was celebrating 10 years of a real relationship, imagining I knew her so well I could have asked her to marry me on the spot.

Everything was in place: at a quarter to 7 in the evening I was seated in a nice pub,  waiting for her to come: flowers were in place as well as emotions. And she arrived. It was exactly as I’ve imagined, only…

Facebook love story (part 2) - Commitment

[…]W've decided we could take it to the next level. We celebrated this by having virtual sex. All of a sudden, we’ve become a committed couple. It was nice, but I couldn’t help myself wondering what was the difference between jerking off to a Hustler magazine and jerking off to a 17’ flat screen: this time feelings were

Facebook love story (part 1)

For days, then weeks, we've exchanged messages and images and we've shared our most intimate thoughts. Her name was May. I felt, we both felt something was growing there, I couldn't tell exactly what, but there was definitely something.  We were getting close, so close. Despite all this, I didn't realize I didn't know whether that was her real name or where she really lived. I could go on just knowing that we had something going on. Practically, I was establishing a

Abyssal thinking

Death is just another method to protect life from itself, to put in in a Darwinian way.
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