Slave to the quote

Mediocre individuals who use in their speech sentences attached to famous names get to feel really witty and inspired. So true, so fucking useless. First, those people they quote, may they be dead or alive, had real lives. During their real lives, they lived, worked, whatever, but more importantly, they thought. They were active individuals on the pensive front, and it's useful as well as respectful to quote their work. 

On the other hand

Weird shyte

It's only peculiar to fall in love blindly with a girl, then to look at her face.

update: it's quite funny to black out one night to wake up the next day with things published on my blog. I still wonder what was the trigger that made me think of such a thing.


Figuring out what one doesn't want is a hell of a lot easier than figuring out what they want.
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