religion, love

religion is nothing more than an accurate expression and at the same time explanation of love. irrational and infinite: such a thing can only be called love. the love of god, in this case.

where human love might perish when the imperfections of the loved one surface, the love of god can be timeless, since god (as the imaginary, thus perfect being) is completely incapable of doing anything to alter the image of perfection. everything else is simply an act of human imagination.

freedom: evolution

Today I came across a picture with a nice caption: 'Some of the most interesting people I know don't know what to do with their lives'. I find this quite intriguing as true at the same time, plus it spoke to me whereas I figure

Entrapment? Freedom?

All my life I've been trying to avoid myself: to destroy all that's been implemented by parents, education, society and above all, I tried not to live the life of my parents. Of course, this is bullshit at some level, since I live in the society. However, the thought of leaving the ME, like a snail can leave an empty shell behind, never disappeared. After I first experienced
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