Freedom: a Paradox?

Yes, one step closer to freedom is to accept paradox. Paradox defines us as human beings, paradox rules our lives and into paradox we shall perish.  To take the most common of all examples, compromise is the mother of paradox. At times we choose to let go of things dear to us (may they be ideas, people, possessions, life principles) to what we call a higher good or purpose. And I come and ask: had they been so dear, why let go? Considering 'greater good', why those things remain so dear? Hmm, well....

Running from one's self - argumentative: cons

They say you can run from things, but you can't run from yourself.

The cons of running from yourself are quite simple to argue, yet still as valid as the pros. God, I love paradox. Running fom one's self is quite easy: starting with substances that can alter one's state (alcohol, drugs), continuing with self conditioning (includes the state of denial) and ending with therapy - catharsis is said to purge all that's been ballast and provide a thrust to get on with one's life.

Running from one's self - argumentative: pro

They say you can run from things, but you can't run from yourself.
True and false: I'll start arguing the 'pro' side:

One argument standing for running from yourself is the simultaneous perception of space and time. One cannot segregate a fact from space and time. Thus, when inducing physical distance would derive inducing an artificially increased period of time, and the other way around.
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