Promises and free will

At a first glance, it's easy to make a promise. All one needs to do is keep their word and there, promise kept, one is off the hook and categorized as an honorable person. Well, that's easier said than done. Of course, most of the times a promise is a simple thing which does not need extraordinary circumstances in order to be kept, since it's all about a simple


Happiness can be an extremely alienating state sometimes; and annoying, too, for the very same reason: you feel like you are complete. And there's nothing more wrong than that. For the simple reason that it never lasts. Point me out a single person who's been happy all along their life - there's no such person.

On feelings and confusion

Feelings are confusion. That's quite a hazardous statement, but let's have a closer look at things.
Most of the people take pride in being rational beings, when actually they are nothing but bags overflowing with emotions. The fun part is that distinguishing between reasons and emotion becomes harder than we thought; and this occurs, of course, especially


No matter how detached one may get, there's always a bigger picture.

Freedom: a Paradox?

Yes, one step closer to freedom is to accept paradox. Paradox defines us as human beings, paradox rules our lives and into paradox we shall perish.  To take the most common of all examples, compromise is the mother of paradox. At times we choose to let go of things dear to us (may they be ideas, people, possessions, life principles) to what we call a higher good or purpose. And I come and ask: had they been so dear, why let go? Considering 'greater good', why those things remain so dear? Hmm, well....

Running from one's self - argumentative: cons

They say you can run from things, but you can't run from yourself.

The cons of running from yourself are quite simple to argue, yet still as valid as the pros. God, I love paradox. Running fom one's self is quite easy: starting with substances that can alter one's state (alcohol, drugs), continuing with self conditioning (includes the state of denial) and ending with therapy - catharsis is said to purge all that's been ballast and provide a thrust to get on with one's life.

Running from one's self - argumentative: pro

They say you can run from things, but you can't run from yourself.
True and false: I'll start arguing the 'pro' side:

One argument standing for running from yourself is the simultaneous perception of space and time. One cannot segregate a fact from space and time. Thus, when inducing physical distance would derive inducing an artificially increased period of time, and the other way around.

Free will vs. the human gene of self-destruction

Be careful what you identify yourself with: may it be a name, a place, a dependency or anything external. Basically, the disappearance of that 'object' will lead to the illusion that you lost a part of you. Some people instinctively know

Fear in the mirror

Fear in the mirror is when one fears something their partner might do, but they actually fear that they might do that thing themselves when tempted, no matter of the consequences.

Zen riddle

Q: when is the best time for a zen riddle?
A: what is time?

Solitude vs. zoon politikon

Solitude is a human's natural state. However, humans are social beings as well. Hence, one's inner conflicts.


Dark imagery of those forsaken clouds,
Form'd in my mind, vanquisheth any doubt.
That lovely voice chanteth my fevered soul
That sweetest smile alights my heaven's shore.
Those features - shading with ease Venus' charm

An act of self treason

Lying to ourselves is a lot easier than lying to the others; that's because another may argue, while we seldom argue with ourselves. Thus we can commit acts of self treason which can only lead us into bigger and bigger frustration. Yes, an act of self treason can only be born out of a frustration.

Unique vs. common

Taken individually, every human being is unique, no matter of any resemblance to others. However, once we leave this point of reference, uniqueness can be perverted quite easily: the best example is presented by marketing strategies: be unique, just the same as our other 5 million clients. From a descriptive aspect of the human being, uniqueness becomes a statistic.

Everything is us.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
Still, at times, we manage to differentiate opinion from fact and truth from perspective.

Facebook oddities

Whenever one posts on their Facebook wall, they have time to think twice, or to think it through. Even better, one can retract very quickly some stupid thing they've just said. This turns one into an ideal being: in case you wandered what’s the ideal you, take a look at your Facebook profile.  Question is: which one is the real you: the one out there or the one behind the keyboard? 

Is freedom a concept that stands by itself or is it bound to our minds' limitations?

As a definition, freedom, or free will is the putative ability of agents to make choices free from certain kinds of constraints. Whether we may see it as a standalone concept or actually a quality one can obtain via some sacrifice, freedom will remain an Eldorado of most of us, thinkers. Most of us only consider how to attain this ideal, but I believe what really matters is: where do we go from here?
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